William Brander

William Brander

Particular Software

A professional geek, William works for Particular Software writing amazing software like NServiceBus. Passionate about the web, he is engaged in a sordid love affair with JavaScript, and spends most of his free time trying to convince others of it’s beauty and elegance.

When not behind his laptop hacking away, this amateur beer enthusiast can often be found playing boardgames or drinking cold-brew coffee.

Day 2, 13:50 - Microfrontends and UI Composition - a Code-First Dive

As developers we spend a lot of time structuring our systems just right. We make sure we select the right patterns, use the right combination of acronyms (CQRS + DDD + ES), and do all the right devops so that we can scale up/out/elastically. This adherence to best practices seems to fall apart at the front end though. We have separation on the back end, but on the front end this all needs to come together. How do we stop it from turning into a mess of spaghetti code? How do we prevent simple actions from triggering hundreds of web requests? Join William as he builds a .NET Core Composite UI using React from scratch.