Markus Winand

Markus Winand

Independent Consultant

Markus Winand is an independent author, trainer and consultant on all things SQL. His book “SQL Performance Explained” has just been translated into a fifth language. It can be purchased as a print edition, and it’s also available to read for free on his website. Markus is currently working on his second book centered on the idea that things have changed a lot since SQL-92. It is likewise available free of charge online (

Day 2, 10:40 - Modern SQL: Evolution of a Dinosaur

SQL has evolved considerably in recent years. The purely relational dogma was already abandoned in 1999. What followed was continuous extension through the incorporation of handy features to address problems that are hard to solve with relational algebra. Today, SQL is Turing complete, can process graphs, has semantic understanding of XML and JSON, is able to automatically keep historic versions, can analyze time series using regular expressions and much more.

This session walks through the SQL standards from 1999 to the current version of 2016. It demonstrates some selected features on the basis of common problems and compares the traditional SQL-92 solution to the modern SQL approach. Of course, the presentation also shows how long these features are supported by various databases so that you immediately know whether the shown solutions work in your environment or not.

In this session, developers and software architects of all levels gain a better understanding where SQL is today so that they are able to make more educated decisions. A lot has happened since SQL-92!