Jakub Gutkowski

Jakub Gutkowski

Independent Consultant

Dad, husband, blogger, developer, geek. Founder of devWarsztaty – free workshops, for anyone who is willing to learn and practice software craftsmanship. Creator of first polish .NET Blogs agregator – .NET Blogs PL. Loves to play with novelties, learn new languages and libraries, avid conference attender, passionate about meeting new people, always willing to help.

Microsoft MVP.

Truly believes, that what he does, changes the world and helps others.

Day 1, 14:50 - Delivery Passion

A few years ago, I had an idea. To create a meetup place that instead of delivering talks, will deliver workshops for free to everyone. It does not matter if you are junior, mid or senior or even principal dev. Our goal was to create a platform, where attendees could gain knowledge through workshops delivered by world class presenters or aspiring world class presenters. The ambition was so that both sides could gain. Attendees would learn something new, whereas the presenters would practice and receive live feedback. Our goal was to deliver one workshop per quarter - this was a huge underestimation! Since the first workshop we boast a 99% attendance turnover, with reservations that are distributed in less than 5 minutes from open registration for workshops in four different cities in Poland. This talk is about passion, and how one small idea can change into a snowball effect.