Damien Pacaud

Damien Pacaud


I am currently Director of Engineering - Infrastructure at teads.tv and have been in the industry for about 11 years. Previously, I was leading the cloud team at Softbank Robotics, making sure those humanoid robots were always connected. My main focus for those 11 years has been building dev and infra teams, leading them to scale the business in a very automated way.

I am a natural born geek with an entrepreneur spirit and love to discuss around anything tech related, management related or neat cultural differences. I have lived in many countries / part of the world and love to meet new people from all around the globe.

Day 2, 10:40 - Tools and Team for 20 Billion PageView/Month

How we scaled our business to more than 1.2B Unique Visitor monthly, from an infrastructure point of view. Tips and tricks about the tools that we use extensively (AWS, GCP, Terraform, Chef), the challenges of multi-region presence and the human side of things (team size, location, on-call).